How to Make Money While Sailing Full-Time

Everyone deserves to pursue their dreams and live an extraordinary life, including you.

Here are the best 5 businesses you can build to pursue your dreams and sail anywhere in the world.

5 Types of Businesses to Make Money While Sailing Full-Time

There are an infinite number of possible remote businesses a person can work on while sailing.

These businesses can be broken down into 5 categories.

  1. Content business
  2. Info products
  3. Services
  4. Software
  5. Investments

1. Content Businesses

Producing content for a living has become normal.

Blogging, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, or any platform that lets you monetize the content you create.

Content creation is done on your own schedule and posted whenever you have internet access, making it one of the easiest ways to make money while sailing full-time.

Stop trading time for money. You can monetize content with ads, shoutouts, sponsorships, or other means - none of which require your time.

2. Info Products

An information product can be any collection of information that's bundled up and directly sold.

Think books or courses.

You gather the information someone needs to solve their problem and teach them what's required and sell it over and over again.

It's the perfect business for those looking to make money while sailing full-time because it doesn't require any time or effort on your part. Once the product is created you usually have no production costs and a product that sells itself online.

3. Service Business

You can offer a skill or knowledge to others as a service.

Think freelancing or consulting.

Or even building an agency around the service so you don't have to be the one delivering the service.

Possible services include:

  • web design
  • web development
  • marketing, SEO, paid ads
  • copywriting
  • coaching

4. Software Business

It hopefully goes without saying that software is a great business in general.

But for someone who wants to make money while sailing full-time, it's even more ideal.

Software businesses can include mobile apps, websites, and even software as a service (SaaS).

I wouldn't bucket SaaS companies into the service business though, because you don't have to deliver a service to the customer, they simply sign up for your software and the software is the service delivery.

This makes software businesses one of the best options for those dreaming sailors who just need to figure out how to fund their travels.

And hopefully, it goes without saying, that learning the skills needed to build a software business also gives you the ability to freelance or offer consulting services as well.

5. Investing

The absolute best way to make money while sailing is through investments.

Unlike every other type of business where you have to trade time for money, investments trade money for money.

Meaning instead of having to write blog posts, create a course, find leads for your agency, build software, or anything like that... you can buy assets that generate income.

Stocks, real estate, businesses, the list goes on.

Money is abundant and anything that generates it can be bought for the right price.

My personal favorite on this list is real estate, for many reasons, but what stands out most is unlike stocks you have full control of the asset. Instead of hoping and praying your stocks go up, you can improve and renovate a property to force an increase in value. And beyond that, the math just works out so well with appreciation, depreciation, rent growth, and the fact that banks basically buy real estate for you.

I'm going down a rabbit hole here, but just know, you can and should rely on investments to help fund your sailing travels.

Bonus Tip: Combine Multiple Strategies

You probably noticed some natural overlap between the above business models.

If you start finding success in one, you can easily convert that into success in others.

For example

You may start with a coaching service business and find that you're a natural.

That leads to you blogging and recording Youtube videos to get more clients (and suddenly you have a content business too).

You compile the various pieces of content from your blog and videos into a book or in-depth course (look at that... that's an info product business).

And the best part, you can pursue all of these businesses on your own time. Your coaching service business is really the only one that likely has a time commitment at all anyway.

(And now you have a handful of businesses that produce good cash flow, might as well pick up some investments too right?...)

Closing Thoughts

Even traditional businesses can be managed and run remotely now, meaning passive income is not the only option. You can cross an ocean and treat it as a 2-week vacation where you get back to port and catch up on things from the comfort of some fancy tropical destination or marina that actually has good internet.

Consider lifestyle design and figure out what you want to do for money.

The whole reason you desire to live on a boat is to live a nontraditional life and explore the world, right?

To live on your own terms?

So keep it that way and build a business that gives you more freedom, not one that takes it all away.

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