Make your life extraordinary

Lifestyle Design: The Complete, In-Depth, Ultimate Guide

What is Lifestyle Design?

Lifestyle design is the process of intentionally building an extraordinary life.

It is pursuing your dreams and designing your life the way you want. For many, that means getting out of the rat race and attaining freedom, but regardless of your goals, lifestyle design is the act of being intentional and making every decision with your own happiness and fulfillment as the fundamental tenant.

Instead of going with the flow and making all of your decisions based on preconceived notions or your current circumstances, you establish what you want your life to be like and you go after it.

Imagine living a life where everything you do aligns with your strengths, values, dreams, passion, and purpose.

Tim Ferriss coined the term "Lifestyle Design" and started a movement with his launch of The Four Hour Workweek.

In short, instead of going to work and designing your life around your job (which so many people hate), design your job around your ideal life.

Instead of building a business and then trying to do things to be a happy human being outside of work, focus on your own happiness first and foremost. Then design your life and make decisions based on your preferences.

Don't settle for what you have, imagine what life could be.

What would it take to get there?